More on my SMASH book


So this is the cover of my homemade Smash book – living in the UK it seemed the only possible title. The elastic closure is just elastic and eyelets, easy peasy.

It’s perhaps bigger that normal, almost 9×9, but there is a reason for that:

To the side of the pages is a little slider tray that holds my pens, a glue stick, a little pair of scissors and a small roll of tape.  Once I get a Quickie glue pen, which is much smaller, I will add a tiny little stapler.

The tray itself was cannibalized from an old Klutz book, but I think something like plastic pillowbox packaging, that opens at the top, or a slim pencil case, with an attached, hinged lid might work just as well.

The tray is inside a clear sleeve and slides out

The divider tabs you saw last week, and my struggle with the printable business card blanks.  Honestly – is it too much to ask for a simple, editable Photoshop file that prints exactly in the right place, every time?  Apparently so.

From the side you can see how neatly it fits.

A couple of other surprises – some of the pages are pages from an old book – I wrapped the spine-side with paper so the binding would not rip through so easily.

And lastly a little page from a cut-down baseball card sleeve, for storing other little decorative elements.

It won’t hold much, but a few tickets, stickers, tiny type, etc. so it is on hand for smashing-on-the-go.

So that is my version.  I’m looking forward to collecting all my little scraps of info into one place!


7 thoughts on “More on my SMASH book

  1. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing it! I’m really thinking about making my own Smash Book and this is a great idea to keep in mind! 😀

  2. the supply box portion is genius!

  3. I love your little box for supplies!! I made my own smash as well, but I dont Have a Bind-it-all. I took an old Spiral bound cookbook and covered about 40 pages. It worked great! I am on my 2nd and loving Junk drawer journaling.

  4. Hi …I recently came across your fabulous blog!! I am in the process of making my own smash book and love the plastic atc page you’ve added. Would you mind sharing what kind of glue you used to glue the cs to the side of the page so you could put it through the bind it all? Please feel free to email me…Thank you!!

  5. Brilliant, simply brilliant. I want to make my own smash book and I will surely use your little box idea….so clever!

    Have a nice weekend

  6. Your book is a great idea 🙂

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