Sunday-someplace-else – Paper tulips at Cheeky Magpie


Spring this year seems to be hesitant.  We have warm and sunny days, then it reverts to rain and cooler temperatures.  Bank holiday weekend, and all we want is a nice sunny, dry day to get out and about and do touristy things and I’m not sure we are going to get any cooperation from Mother Nature! And this year, the daffodil explosion didn’t really come.  There were some, but nothing like past years, when we had multi-colour daffs all over the yard.  So when I stumbled on this tutorial for making paper tulips I though it might be quite fun and springlike for DD and I during the school break.  They certainly look easy enough to make big, but I am wondering about making them small, small enough for a scrapbook page or a card.  I may have to have a play with my pile o’ scraps and see!


4 thoughts on “Sunday-someplace-else – Paper tulips at Cheeky Magpie

  1. Blogger wouldn’t let me play on WOYWW so I am catching up now! What a lot of lovely things you have been busy playing with. Your butterflies and tulips are brill. Thanks for sharing. x Jo

  2. I got something similar, also just once, but it looked like something else. I’ll have DH have a look. He’ll know what it is. If it’s a problem I’ll let you know. Cheers!


  3. I can’t get it to happen again, so maybe it was from somewhere else. It was quite scary though, I’ve gotten complacent on my mac.

  4. Maryanne, I clicked on that paper tulips link and immediately got some sort of Apple Malware screen. I’ve never seen apple malware before, but this looked very dodgy. I just shut my browser down so I think I’m ok, but thought I should warn you.

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