LetraTac – interesting application

Well, I’ve spent a few days looking at the LetraTac pack and thinking It’s just adhesive.  It’s BORING. Well, I might have been hasty.

I knew it would be brilliant for sticking down small fiddly shapes, like the Marrianne Creatables that I love

I was looking at the actual ADHESIVE and seeing that it is not, like the Xyron, a smooth uniform cover.  It applies little dots of adhesive, a bit like the old Herma repositionable dot applicator, and that got me thinking.  What sticks to that,  that offers a unique look?

I applied the adhesive to the FRONT of the die cut …

and grabbed a little pot of Pearl-ex.  Dusting on the Pearl-ex, over the adhesive, it stuck JUST to the dots, giving an interesting pattern of shimmer!

I’ve run my finger over it, not too vigorously, as I thought I might tear the thin die cut, but it seems to be pretty well attached – I’m not overly worried it would rub off.  But I think the effect is smashing!  I can see it as a fab ATC background, all shimmery dots.  I think the blue-y turquoise looks very pretty, almost like tiny little raindrops.

You could then apply the adhesive to the BACK to stick it down, although I would go gently with the little applicator that you rub over the top. The thin sheet you put over the top  protects the Pearl-exed dots, but too vigorous and you might remove them.  Letting it sit for a bit, as the site says it becomes permanent over time, will help.  Anyway. I just thought it was a pretty and unique effect.  And not so boring after all LOL!