I am looking at the mess in my room (yes, again) and thinking I need to address it.  I spent a lot of time sorting out my word book video and PDF and as a result haven’t had a chance to play with a few goodies – a stamp set, some new Copic Markers (and fresh from my class last week, raring to give a couple of the techniques a try), some samples of Safmat and Letratac, and a few other things out of sight on the floor.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to have a good old play later in the day.And a lovely few hours of desk hopping, of coursr,  to see what everyone else is up to on a Wednesday.  Julia keeps us AL busy one day of the week!

That’s my Wednesday filled up.  How about you?

PC World no longer sells the mouse I like (boo hoo) and I am not totally happy with the one I got as a replacement for my dead one so I’ll be trolling the net as well, looking for a stockpile of them someplace so I can grab a few.  I do wish DH was going to Tokyo regularly – they had the neatest, tiniest mouses there – all the ones in the store are too big for me.