doodling is DONE!

Well, it was hardly ZEN but it’s finally done!!

I am totally NOT the relaxed, “just doodle it and it will work out” person that I suspect you really need to be to embrace this art form.  I agonized over every area, hated some of them as soon as I put the pen to the pad-cover, second guessed myself continuously, and probably ended up more stressed rather than less at the end.  LOL!  The couple of things you need to know:

Sharpies ROCK! I tested out lots of pens, on the hidden hinge area, and found Sharpies work great.  Bic Mark it! markers work great (but they have a funny idea of what the term “Fine Point” means) and the Uni Super Ink markers work too but while they are lovely and rich black, they are a little glossy and leave very visible stroke marks.  I can live with that, but you may not be able to.

And here is a total surprise – Copics work great! I suspect Promarkers will too.  While you can’t blend very well on the cover material (although I didn’t try that, it seems a reasonable assumption, certainly on ORANGE) you can use all the colours of the rainbow to doodle if you want. Not very zendoodle either, but fun.

Another tip, also the opposite of Zen, for people who don’t equate messing up a small paper sample with messing up an iPad cover, is to get yourself a transparency sheet.  Lay it over the cover, and doodle in the area you want to fill.

This could actually be a handy tip for on-paper doodlers as well, if you are working on a large piece and wouldn’t be happy if it wasn’t “perfect” (it didn’t help me make mine PERFECT, but it did help in some areas when I thought Oh wouldn’t that fill look great there? then tested it and thought YUK! Hate that!

And I really struggle to draw a smooth curve and neat ROUND circles.  Mine always look more oblong, and I am incapable of keeping things in a straight line or repeating anything exactly so I found the Crafter’s Workshop templates to be VERY handy for all those swoops.  Yes, yes – I KNOW that s not what it is all about, but really, it would have been total rubbish if I depended on my eye for spacing.

what else?  Ah, I found this site to be very helpful – they have LOADS of patterns to learn.

That’s it.  I think I want to get a white cover and have a go on that, maybe with Copics.  But I need a bit of a break from doodling for a bit….