I have been doodling like mad in spare moments, and am just about to start my “project” but am terrified that I will mess it up.  It doesn’t help that I have realized it’s Friday the 13th!  DOH!

I have been reading Zendoodle sites and am interested in the whole debate about the process.  There are some rather vitriolic posts in just about every place I stumble across, to do with the “creation” of Zentangle vs the age-old habit of doodling.  I doodle massively in my school books, my son does it too, and even DH has been known to doodle a bit.  The new terms used to describe the Zentagle process are unique to the style that was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas that give a standard process, a sort of framework to the mindless doodling we all do.  More power to them for popularizing it, and making it perhaps easier for people to create something that is more art than scribbling.  But people cannot seem to just adopt a live-and-let-live attitude.  Always perplexing, that. What it boils down to is if you want to you can buy the book(s) and the kit, or you can grab a black pen and doodle away, finding inspiration on any of the 100s of web sites that have a doodling focus.

Me?  I did a bit of both.  I got the books after I started doing it, because I had something particular I wanted to do that I wanted to have the best chance of getting right from the get-go.  I believe in doing my research.  But I could have lived without them (especially the 2nd copy of book One that I somehow managed to order by mistake!  There is a symmetry to that that I will explain at a later date LOL!)

If the process interests you, this is one of my favourite YouTube videos – it isn’t that standard 4-dots-in-the-corners true  Zentangle style but I just adore the effect.  And her videos show the Zen-like process (less Zen due to the speed of the video!)  and the switching in mid-stream aspect pretty well.

She has many more videos, not all doodling ones.