WOYWW 101 – Zentangles

What is on my workdesk is (and I know I am late to this) Zentangle doodles.

I have a plan, and if it comes together it will be very cool.  Regular and observant readers will possibly be able to guess what it is.  It’s an interesting process,  one that needs planning and practice, I think.  I envy those who make it seem effortless!  There is always one area I don’t like, someplace where I look and think “Well, something else would have been better there” so I think it will take me a few more days of practice before I am ready to attack the piece.  I also know I need better pens – my Sharpie is too thick, my thin liner isn’t permanent, and the tip is drying up, and some of the patterns need more care and attention in the doodling than I have given them.  But the process is fun and there is lots of inspiring work out there to look at.

What’s on YOUR workdesk?  Drop in on Julia and let us see!