Cheeky cards

Is that post title too groan worthy?  LOL!

I stumbled across a cute card template.  Very old, back to 2008, but I thought it was just darling as well as amusing.

She uses “I’m behind you 100%” and “you two are perfect” as the sentiments.  The lovely Julia had an idea – making the thong one look a bit like a stripper (I’m thinking black lace)and  not attaching it at all points, then tucking a folded bank note into it, for a money gift. I think it would have to be a certain sort of male you would give that too – perhaps NOT a teen graduating LOL! The mom may not appreciate it your assumption of their WAY too worldly knowledge of strip clubs! But it would be a hoot for the right person.

Here’s my version – I experimented with attaching the bra cups just along the edges and stuffing them with a little doll stuffing for a slightly dimensional look.  It worked, but unless you REALLY stuff it like Jordan, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

The way the template works is very clever – you cut the card bases, then if you cut the outline of the base and the thong out of the patterned paper, the curves for the bra cups are the pieces you cut away.  Very frugal!

I added a little ribbon trim and a small satin flower.  No sentiment yet – I’ll add that when I decide who gets them and for what occasion.