Layout from the crop

Lovely crop day, as usual.  Always a laugh – trying to sort out the process for how we will do our shared mini-books to collect the favourite pot-luck recipes was especially amusing.  Not sure we actually arrived at a solution, but I’m sure we will eventually.  I was fairly productive – one totally completed layout, two cards, which came from an old set of instructions that I will share at some point this week, one DOUBLE PAGE LAYOUT (which taught me that where once that was second nature, doing a two-pager now is more of a struggle, I am so inclined towards singles) nearly done and I partially worked out some instructions that someone asked about from one of my YouTube videos. Plus the chatting and the eating of course.

Simple, less of the loaded and over-embellished style I seem to have fallen i to, but perfect for the photo, I think.  Lots of old stuff – honestly, I must have come up with about 4 different words for the title, and in EVERY case I was missing one critical letter.  Annoyingly I had already cut down my G to make a C then thought of a G-dependant word that would have worked.  DOH! In the end I had to create the Y from a V and a bit of an i then mask the join with the little hanging tag.  Works for me!

I’ve got that bit of space for the journaling but need to ask DS about the day, if he remembers, before I can add that.

Now I have a boatload of things to accomplish today, most of them dead boring, but on my TO DO list so, see you tomorrow!