WOYWW 100 – flowers


I am loving the look of those little stacked circle flowers – not least because they are dead easy to make.  But today I am experimenting with tarting them up a bit, and making them in different ways.

I had a go at making a crochet version (pretty basic stuff, if you crochet – I was sort of winging it, but it’s a 6-chain circle closed with a slip stitch then chain 3, 15 treble crochet {and that is the US version, wrapping the yarn twice around the hook, thru 2, thru 2, thru 2} and slip thru the top of the chain-3.  Chain 3 again. Second round is 2 trebles in each first round treble.  2nd circle is 5-chain loop, chain 3, 14 trebles, close. I don’t write crochet so I hope that makes sense!) They make a nice change from the petal crochet flowers and aren’t that much thicker than the stacked ones (see the blue one in the back?):

and I’ve been playing with some pretty pearl and crystal sprays as well.

I really like the pearl one.  You can bend the wired sprays any which way you like.  Just a bit of fun on a Wednesday!

Happy WOYWW! Don’t forget to pop over to see the amazing Julia, who keeps it all going and provides the Mr. Linky so we can all have a good snoop round crafty desks across the world.  United in chaos, we are the WOYWW Crowd.  Wowee!

23 thoughts on “WOYWW 100 – flowers

  1. Love the look of the crochet flowers but the little felt ones are darn cute… reminds me of a wedding cake in tiers with the little wires and pearls and would well on pages that had to go into an album.

  2. Your flowers look megga cute. Like the felt and bead ones. Might just pinch that idea if I may. Hugs Mrs A. #128

  3. these are fab – never seen pearl sprays before – where did you get them from?

  4. Good job on the flowers! I really need to try my hand with making some! Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse #36

  5. Gorgeous flowers, the felt one is a sweety.

  6. Lovely flowers! I am so tempted with felt these days!!

  7. Those flowers are fun …love the pearl one too.

  8. I would never have thought of crocheting simple circle flowers. Brilliant! The pearls on the felt ones are super.

  9. Fab flowers on your desk !!

  10. Ooh how clever – love the pearly sprays and the felt one. Am off crochet for a bit. (!!)

  11. Hi Mary Anne, your flowers are fab – something different. I used to crochet until my thumbs became too painful so won’t be attempting them now but I do like the look of them. Especially the one with the pearls – there is something other worldly about it 🙂 Have a great week crafting. Elizabeth x #38

  12. Please keep doing the woyww. I look forward to it every week and have discovered some great blogs through the posts. I don’t have a blog, but love to look at the great creative work that you people do.

  13. Wow your flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Bonnie

  14. LOVE your unique flowers! Thanks for the snoop 🙂

  15. Fabulous flowers amazing work, thank you for sharing.
    Kathleen x

  16. I adore these type of flowers too – yours look just amazing! Fab designs…
    Thanks for sharing your space,

    Sarah at 4

  17. The layered flowers are really pretty. What fun.
    A x

  18. I can’t crochet either, but I too love the felt one with the pearls. Reminds me of a hat for a wedding – but maybe that’s cos weddings are in the news lately, lol!

  19. Love all those flowers – I sometimes sit and have a play making lots of flowers too but then I end up putting them in a box and not using them? I have no idea why that is??? Love your crocheted ones – I can do most things but have never learnt to crochet must do that one day!! Thanks for sharing – Sunshine Girl No. 32

  20. OOh i do love making flowers like these :0)

  21. love the flowers, beautiful workspace,Thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 100, Wow! Has it really been 100 weeks! (#3)

  22. Ohhh pretty layered flowers. Not a clue how to crochet, but I could do the felt ones, and that pearl spray is so pretty.
    happy Wednesday,
    Cathy xx

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