SDC29 – sketch

A sketch this time, so really not much else to do but a card.  To be honest,  I usually do the Stampotique challenge in some other format (let’s see – wall art, milk carton, nested boxes, figure-in-a-rose, pyramid box….) but I bit the bullet and gave it a shot.

I tend to use the Torrente/Penny images because those are the ones I have, but at some point I bought this one.  I rather like it.  I also used the heads-in-the-blender image but masked the heads in the centre area before inking so I got more of a background stamp.  I like that too, and will def. do it again.  Those scratchy circles are a bit fun. It’s perhaps a bit of an oddball take on the sketch but I think there are enough elements in common that you can see the ghost of the sketch in the final card.

I’ll have to tuck this one away for some time when I am really HORRIBLE to DH and am feeling remorseful enough to warrant a card LOL! It seems a bit too … emotional?… for a sympathy card.  Maybe something like for an advanced birthday – Sorry … you’re 60!