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Using a Wordle Word cloud

These are Mac specific instructions, sorry PC folk.  A couple of my UKS ladies suggest CutePDF and PrimoPDF will do something similar on a PC so I am happy to be able to have that in here as well.

Here is what I did:

Go to the CREATE screen at

Type in your words to create your cloud.  I used some  words with an idea towards using the resulting cloud on a layout of a lonely photo I have of DH and the kids approaching a pub we stopped at for lunch on one of our days out.

Once you create the cloud you can use the options to change the colour, the font, the arrangement of the words, etc.  When you have to to how you want it, click FILE > PRINT

Now here’s the trick on a Mac you are given the option of not PRINTING, but saving the page as a PDF.  If you click this you can choose from a list.  I just Save As PDF.

This saves the web page as is as a PDF, but the key factor is that it is saved at 300 dpi, rather than the low quality 72dpi of an internet image.

I save it to my desktop so I can find it easily.

Open your PDF in Photoshop – I have PS7 (old) but it surely works similarly in PSE versions.

This is not going to be very good quality but you should get the idea – on the left is the PDF as it looks after saving, and on the right after you have selected the Wordle cloud and removed all the surrounding rubbish that you don’t need:

Using the Magic Wand, select ALL of the background – yours may be any colour, depending on your Wordle options but it should take no more than a click or two (magic wand selected, I use a tolerance of 30, then Select > Similar (to capture the middles of the letters) and delete the selection

Now you can mark and save the cloud – but see the size and resolution?

You can create a 12×12 page at 300 dpi and then drag in your Wordle, rotate, mirror, whatever, just as you would any image.  I print as Archival Matt (which is an option on my printer) to get a crisp and colour-true image, on white cardstock, in this case.

I made a super quick layout using the print.  Not my usual overloaded style, but I do like to change things up a bit every now and again.

I find myself enourmously annoyed by the fact that on the chipboard letters the stem of the P is crooked – it came out of the backing that way.  I’m not calling this done till I assess HOW annoying it is.  I haven’t stuck them down yet, which is why they look ever so slightly wonky in the photo.  If I look at it tomorrow and the P still irritates me I may change it for another, if I have one.  I am also not sure if there should be more proper journaling, maybe beside the photo (at least the date and where (if DH remembers cause I don’t!) the pub was.  But I wanted to give you a sense of what you can do with this.

Have fun!