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Die cut felt

If you saw my post yesterday you will have seen that I’ve been experimenting with die cutting felt, and my problems (solved now!) with cutting fabric and felt using thin dies and the Grand Calibur.  I have been playing and playing and am really happy with some of the things I’ve cut.

But going back to an old post, when I was struggling with organizing my patterned paper and cardstock in any meaningful way (plain cardstock so not a problem!) an I settled on making up “kits of stuff in my stash that I thought went together. I dragged out the first one today and made a layout (yippee!)

I am also forcing myself to go back to old photos and get them scrapped, as the kids are annoyingly camera shy lately. So this is DD quite a few years back. Here is the finished layout:

Not sure I am 100% happy with the journaling block, may still change it, but the die cut felt looks fab:

That is from a Cat’s Pajamas CutUps die – I was easily able to extend the cutting to get a longer strip.

and a few little bits of the faux Baker’s twine – honestly I am STUNNED by the response to this, both on YouTube and here.  Literally, I wanted some twine, I saw the ball of crochet cotton still out from the last dollmaking session, and the idea for how to make it sprang fully formed into my head.  Under 2 mins for the video and then it was out there.  And people liked it.  I am amazed.

Speaking of dollmaking, the journaling on this is a bit of a joke.  DD has a current obsession with anime, as you may recall – mostly Studio Ghibli but I found one called The Girl Who Leapt Through Time that we both really enjoyed (and looking forward to the release next week of the live-action version, praying for her sake it’s dubbed, as she struggles to keep up with the subtitles) so she has been branching out.  She selected on called 5 Centimeters Per Second and it mentioned on the box something about the title being drawn from cherry blossoms falling to earth at 5 cm per second so I adapted that (which she loved!)

I’ll have a little video for the felt cutting, but you won’t need it if you look back – I explain it well enough in the post, but I’ll embed the video once it’s done and uploaded – and as sure as eggs is eggs You Tube will select the worst possible frame for the thumbnail so I’ll havce to wait till my edit takes effect before I make it public!