No crafting yesterday!

We were busy with a house full of people, all here for a big BBQ and air rifle shooting competition.  And DD is still off school (inset day) so not sure if I will get to it today either.  Plus there is still a bit of clean up needed from the  festivities <sigh>

The BBQs are all in a row – the new design of our favourite big Friar Tuck BBQ, awaiting christening, our old workhorse, that has seen 100s of meals prepared over the last couple of years, the old and the new Mini-Q (perfect for taking to Womad and Cropredy) and the Weber we brought over with us, specifically for beer-butt chicken as it’s the only one with a lid. The vegetarian mini-grill is on the ground – this was perfect so we could use the same grill for meat and non-meat cooking, with no cross contamination (one vegetarian in a sea of meat eaters is always a challenge!)  Genius.

Somehow I suspect that altering the BBQs with rubber stamps is NOT something DH will approve.  So a quick tidy today (I’ve let my room get into a bit of a state again, dragging out things for a variety of projects, none actually started yet, just piled up ready to work on) and some quality time with DD as she is back to school tomorrow and Thursday, then off again Friday and Monday, Which makes for a totally fragmented week for me. Combined with some very dodgy internet over the last few days, it’s been an …interesting few days!

Not being able to creatively play makes me a bit tetchy, and I need to sort out projects for Julia’s crop on Saturday, not to mention something for the pot luck!