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Kennedy Book PDF

Sorry this has taken me ages to sort out.  I had it almost ready, wasn’t happy with a couple of the photos for the spine, then I got ill and spent most of last week in bed, sleeping, to recover.  FINALLY, I’ve added the PDF for you.  You will see it in the sidebar right —>

or click here.

This WordPress theme seems to handle attachments in an odd way, different to the old theme.  When you click on the link a new page opens.  If you click on the title of the PDF it will then download.  I can’t seem to find a way to add it so clicking the link automatically downloads the PDF, but it is there and you can get it.

I’ll refresh your memory as to what I am talking about:

I should point out that the PDF deals with the basic construction and not this specific version!

Have fun and LMK if you make one.