Success!  What is on my workdesk for WOYWW is what is on my desktop – computer desktop, that is.  As I mentioned yesterday, I am working on something for DH (well, only FOR HIM in the sense that he needs me to do it, not like it’s a gift) and it requires some honing of my digital skills.  People who know me know that I like computers, am fairly comfortable with them, and can usually figure out how to do what I want with the tools that I have, even if that way is not the best way.

So, I had a play with creating a digital kit.  I’m fairly happy with it, although it is an amateur effort, I’m sure, next to the amazing work I see by the real pros.  I have 3 pieces of plain cardstock, all with a watercolour paper sort of texture, 2 patterned papers, 3 border strips with text, and an alphabet. Phew.  I used a few other bits (some digital stitching lines, a little ribbon bow, and a journaling spot) from my digital stash and a brush as a stamp.  OK, so it won’t set the world on fire, but it’s fine for the purpose.

Looking at it, esp. in the smaller size and lesser quality, I think in my messing about I got a bit heavy handed with the drop shadows.  In reality, things that are stitched down wouldn’t really have much of a shadow, they would be quite flat on the page.  The photo shadow and the stripe-y paper are annoying me in particular. Fortunately I saved both a flattened image and one that had all the layers (about 30) so I am hoping I can have a further play today and adjust it so I am happier.  So here is where I am starting, and that is what is on my desktop today.

Just to add – I had a look back at my big version and noticed that the drop shadow is FINE on that – its only the smaller one tha is so OTT.  Need to figure that out for sure!

So I tried saving it again and this time the shadows are more as they are in the original  – I didn’t “flatten” the image this time so maybe that is the trick.

23 thoughts on “WOYWW 98

  1. I haven’t even stepped a toe into the digital scrapbooking pool. It looks great! TFS 😀

  2. I know you’re comfortable with computers – Brave, as I like to call it – and I think this is a triumph….especially when really it’s ‘work’. SO now you’ve done you wanna make the LO in real time on paper with glue? Or has it given you the buzz?

  3. sorry meant to say digi not didi!

  4. Glad you are getting to grips with the didi layouts – I have done a couple but they are nothing special – I tend to spend most of my time just printing the bits out then cutting them out and doing hybrid layouts! Have a fab day.

  5. I am very envious that you are happy with layers!! Haven’t got a grasp on those so stay away from digital scrapbooking and photoshop! With a flakey internet service provided by the monkeys at BT I’m not too patient when it comes to computers. Still like to be able to stroke my lovely papers!!!
    Well done on yours though!

  6. I’m still struggling with making LOs digitally, let alone making elements/papers! Great job:)
    Fiona x

  7. Happy WOYWW, it’s a gorgeous creation on your desk this week, very clever.
    Andria #32

  8. Love this LO …I’m not into digi but this looks so ….hand done …iyswim …lol

  9. I have never tried digi scraping -but that looks amazing!
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (44) x

  10. Love the lo MaryAnne, my DH does digi but I can’t get the hang of it so i salute anyone that can and does


  11. I actually like the heavier shadow gives a realistic depth.

  12. I am clueless when it comes to digi! I am a paper girl!
    Debbie #60

  13. wow, i’d be really pleased with myself if i had managed one stripy piece of digi paper – but look at you….well done!
    if you hadnt mentioned i would never have noticed any problems, truth be told I still cant see the problem with the shadow you are talking about lol.
    have a great wednesday
    caroline #34

  14. Fabulous layout, well done! I don’t do any digi- card or scrapping, but it looks so good.

  15. Lovely LO. Clever you with all the digi stuff 🙂
    A x

  16. Very nice layout! I own two digital scrapbook programs and I tend to clam up when I try to use them. I don’t do a lot of regular scrapbooking though! These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing Vickie #28

  17. Love your LO. I scrapped yesterday for the first time this year, it was such a good feeling. I am afraid I am useless when it comes to digi scrapping, so I just tell everybody I prefer the touchy feely part of scrapping.

  18. Hi ya
    wow a fabulous layout, luv your creation, i like to use my digi scrapbook programme wouldnt have a clue how to start from scratch, the stitching looks brill, thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  19. Well I am in awe that you have sorted it yourself… I can make a layout with a program but not on my own!!!! Great layout and have a good week

  20. I think it lovely would love to be able to create like that on the pc – will have to give it go one day when I get more hours in the day lol

  21. Well I would not have a clue where to start with digital art. I think it is a great idea and such an easy way to store photos that have been turned into artwork.
    Still love my stamping though.
    Hugs, Neet x

  22. I can’t see a thing wrong with it and just have to admire your ability to use the digi stuff… my brain just shuts down as soon as someone mentions photoshop!!

  23. wELL, I think it’s an excellent layout. It’s definitely heads and shoulders above anything I could do. I just wish I liked digital art. I’m way too hung up on touchy-feely, I guess. xoxo

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