Success!  What is on my workdesk for WOYWW is what is on my desktop – computer desktop, that is.  As I mentioned yesterday, I am working on something for DH (well, only FOR HIM in the sense that he needs me to do it, not like it’s a gift) and it requires some honing of my digital skills.  People who know me know that I like computers, am fairly comfortable with them, and can usually figure out how to do what I want with the tools that I have, even if that way is not the best way.

So, I had a play with creating a digital kit.  I’m fairly happy with it, although it is an amateur effort, I’m sure, next to the amazing work I see by the real pros.  I have 3 pieces of plain cardstock, all with a watercolour paper sort of texture, 2 patterned papers, 3 border strips with text, and an alphabet. Phew.  I used a few other bits (some digital stitching lines, a little ribbon bow, and a journaling spot) from my digital stash and a brush as a stamp.  OK, so it won’t set the world on fire, but it’s fine for the purpose.

Looking at it, esp. in the smaller size and lesser quality, I think in my messing about I got a bit heavy handed with the drop shadows.  In reality, things that are stitched down wouldn’t really have much of a shadow, they would be quite flat on the page.  The photo shadow and the stripe-y paper are annoying me in particular. Fortunately I saved both a flattened image and one that had all the layers (about 30) so I am hoping I can have a further play today and adjust it so I am happier.  So here is where I am starting, and that is what is on my desktop today.

Just to add – I had a look back at my big version and noticed that the drop shadow is FINE on that – its only the smaller one tha is so OTT.  Need to figure that out for sure!

So I tried saving it again and this time the shadows are more as they are in the original  – I didn’t “flatten” the image this time so maybe that is the trick.