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Not entirely sure why (maybe it is too old and run down, a bit like me?) but my Photoshop keeps crashing.  Somehow, I’m sure this is my fault – running old Photoshop on old Mac OS, clinging to Apple Works like a former beauty Queen clinging to the illusion she’s still “got it” LOL!

I saw this, in a newsletter from Curbly and I just fell in love with the colours. 

I really wanted something stripe-y to go along with it so I had a bash at making a bit of digital paper.

It looks pretty good, although I’m not 100% sure on the colour distribution and line spacing.  I had a whole sheet of nice circles to print and cut to go along with it, and some nice strips with quotes on them and of course, I hadn’t saved it between steps so I shouldn’t be at all surprised that it crashed when I did try.  I thought I might share it, but just a piece of paper seems a bit pointless.  So I’ll have another bash in a bit and see what happens.

I am honing my digital skills for something specific, but in no way ready to give up my paper and glue!