Getting close the the 102 WOYWW week now!

My room is still clean, and my desk not a disaster.  YAY ME!  Working on the little box from the art sheet I made yesterday.  Stamping in place and I am “auditioning” things for the bobbing acetate strips.  I like he hearts but not 100% sure about them.

Tidying up always unearths a few gems.  Remember beadlings?  They were so popular back, oh, 8 years ago.  I found this little lady – isn’t she sweet?

I just love her little bead-boobies!

And remember I mentioned a sweet little paper flower using a punch, that I saw on Kirsty’s blog? at least I think I mentioned it here.  Maybe only on UKS – no matter, I got the punch and used a little scrap from the box to test out the method.  I like it.  Quite tiny, but cute.

Black was not, perhaps, the best choice – I do think it would look lovely in pink, in yellow, in red…any colour really.  Slightly time consuming to make but perfect for a lazy night in front of the TV.

Have a great WOYWW.  I did better than usual last week, hitting a fair few blog, and plan on doing even better this week.  I was very inspired by all the interesting things I saw.  What I love best about WOYWW as it really gets those creative juices flowing!