Why, oh why….


…am I incapable of just whipping up a basic card when DS gets that “I love you Mom” look in his eye and asks for a card for a mate?

I had so much crafty stuff planned for my crop on Saturday and instead spent much of the day waffling and making this, for him to take to a party that night:

We never got a ton of stuff as Scrapbook Inspirations DT members but we DID get a box of this AMM paper and I thought it might do for a girly card.  I’ve never made an exploding box (well, sort of) and thought one might be fun for a birthday card.  Then DS dropped the comment that it needed to include a gift card slot. Every the cooperative Mom, I managed it.

Of course when I texted him from the crop to ask the recipients name the first text came back as “Hilly” which I thought was an odd name (Hildegard?) then a few minutes later came back corrected as HOLLY!  All I can say is thank goodness I wasn’t stamping the name and in mid-ink or I would have wring his neck!

I had featured this site in, I believe, a UKS Library post eons ago, and always remembered it.  Check it out – she has good instructions for an easy way to add the little springy elements that bob and quiver when you open the box.  And her work is very pretty, much more elegant than this.  Mine is large, the tags are about 4″ wide, to accommodate the gift card slot, so different to her instructions in the dimensions.

I pop dotted the embellishment rectangle so the card slips in.

I expect she liked it – DS handed it off to a sister as the birthday girl was busy dancing when he arrived.

I think, having made one, I can surely streamline the process a bit and make them faster.  Just in case he gets that look in his eye again any time soon…..

Happy Monday!



2 thoughts on “Why, oh why….

  1. Oooh I haven’t seen an exploding box for ages. It’s like falling in love with them all over again. I am inspired so thanks for that.

  2. What a nice mum – this is fabulous! I’m sure Hilly, er, Holly loved it. 😉

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