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Two videos – one totally NOT scrapbooking!

I got this video link from my brother, of his DDs soccer (football to  all the UK folk) highlights reel. She plays for her University and is just an amazing player.  So proud of her.

The video is quite long, but if you pop to about 4:17 minutes you will see one game where she set the school record of FIVE goals scored in one game.  Shame it is filmed at such a distance – you can’t see her speed or amazing footwork or her deadly accuracy.

I did finally manage to edit the slide show for my homemade Kennedy books. Not managed the PDF yet – I did a few versions (gave two of them away, including the one that had, I think, the best binding arrangement) and now need to at least make another spine so I can show that.

Sorry about the music – it’s LOUD.  You just have no control over the sound level when you do an audio swap.  I wanted to use the Hank Dogs but that is one that is not just a show-an-ad one, it’s an audio disabled one.  I do love them.

Anyway, I hope you give it a go – they are so cute when you pull out the stack of pages!