SDC27 – Triptych card

Well, the Ludgershall ladies will recall me spending the better part of a 9 hour crop working on this anniversary card for my DH.  I have had the box (one with a clear window in the top) for ages and every time I tidy up I come across it, consider just tossing it in the bin, and decide to save it in the end.  Glad I did!

Here is the front of the card:

I’m in danger of using those wedding flowers too frequently so I may have to make a conscious effort to avoid them for a bit, although I do love the look!

Anyway, you can just see, at the top, two little pegs.  They are the key to it all! Here is the first panel:

When you turn the pegs, the panels move, curling around the post (a bamboo skewer) that goes down inside the box.  The long piece of paper is stuck to the skewer.  Here is a mid turn shot so you can get the idea!

I missed out snapping a photo of the second frame, but I think you can get the idea from what you can see here!

Third frame:

Fourth frame:

Final frame:

As today is our 25th wedding anniversary I had to wait till today to share it because I know DH reads my blog!

The real problem with it was that in order for the paper to rotate and curl around the skewers, it had to be pretty thin paper.  But thin paper tends to be a bit more porous than you really need for Copic markers – again, the gals from the crop will recall the cursing and whingeing I did when the green on the 4th panel bled well outside the stamped lines!  You can just see some of the brown that bled from the hair – that I couldn’t fix at all.  But I totally did a happy dance in my seat when I figured out I would add some scratchy lines and extend the trousers so the bleeding wasn’t really noticeable!

The entire quote is: To my love. Of all the men I have known in my life, only you have my heart. Sappy but then 25 years does deserve a bit of schmaltz.

I had hoped that eventually when I was ready to share, I might be able to use it for the Stampotique challenge.  I have been SO busy recently it seems it’s been months since I have had the time to take part it what was always the one and only challenge I did routinely (at ALL, if I’m honest!) but the challenge this week time was for a Triptych card and no matter how I tried to justify it I just couldn’t twist this one to work.  So, I had to buckle down and make one – hey, anything to avoid the final push in my scraproom tidy!

I immediately had an idea. I figured as long as I had already cut masks for the stamps from the box card I might as well make use of them before I lost them LOL! And the girl with the heart was out anyway, so….

You may remember that DS is something of a whiz with cards – he does amazing tricks, with great dexterity.  Last year for Christmas, as a bit of a joke, I bought him a HUGE deck of cards.  I’ve placed it by my Big Bite so you can get some perspective:

I used one of the huge cards as the basis for the triptych (as DS says it’s too hard to do a proper trick with such monster cards, I figured he wouldnt’ mind if I cut a couple of them up!)

And inside….

I also found the tiny deck of cards, from a set of Christmas crackers, I think, and decided to use them for some additional decoration – it’s quite hard to do the Stampotique only week when all you have are people.  I would have used maybe some swirls or texture stamps but not allowed so I had to come up with something else.

Here you can see a bit better the central figure – with one of my head-swaps  and a BIG crown – on the transparency that fills the area of the card that would usually have the queen.  The masking and layering of all the Stampotique “men” worked better then I thought it might.  I liked them B&W, I wasn’t just being lazy about my colouring in, I promise you!

So now there really is no avoiding it – I must drag out the hoover, sort the stray piles of crafty stuff, and prepare for WOYWW tomorrow!

And for my hubby:

Happy Anniversary sweet pea!  Still love ya!