Maybe-I-should-finish-it Monday!


Nearly ready for the big reveal!  Look carefully and you will still see piles of stuff to sort and store, but I am def. seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  Phew.

There was a post last week on UKS about unfinished projects. We all have ’em – you know you do too – and one of the things I did while tidying up was to set aside all the part done projects I found in one place.

In reality, what I need to do is keep this someplace inconvenient – like under my desk, so I can’t sit without moving it.  Then, once the annoyance factor really kicks in maybe I will take the bull by the horns and complete them!

This is one of the unfinished ones – a Star Book from a previous cyber crop.

I loved the class “Death Star” from the Star Wars CC by fruitysuet) and made a few of them, but this one, which I was trying to complete fairly last minute for DH to take back to the US with him on some trip to Apple or another, where he was going to see relative who ask for photos of the kids occasionally, didn’t get finished in time to go with him on the plane.  I always INTENDED to finish it, but as you can probably see, if you know me at all, that the photos of the kids are alarmingly out of date (DS is 18 now, DD 14) so really other than as a historical exercise it seemed a bit pointless.

I had altered the instructions to make the star points a bit more like pockets, so they would hold plain 4×6 photos, so they recipients could make use of them in any way they wanted, which was an idea I loved, but now (OMG!  six years later!) I have to decide – finish it as it is? try to pry off the photos and update it?  Shelve it forever?

There are a few like this – things that had a sort of time limit on them.  Other things can easily be updated (my THanksgiving recipe/tradition book for example), all I need is a push.

So what do YOU have that is unfinished?

Alas, they will still have to wait a little bit longer while I finish up my sort & organize.

4 thoughts on “Maybe-I-should-finish-it Monday!

  1. Oh finish it, even if an historical thing. You could even add a couple of up-to-date pics and send it off to the rellies it was first intended for!

    I have a box of unfinished projects under my desk – similar rationale about annoyance factor – trouble is I have just got used to repositioning my feet!! Doh! Time to move the box?

  2. Not enough space here for me to mention my unfinished projects. I’ve got a huge box labeled as such in my scrap room. Sad really.

    I say finish as is, but by all means finish! 🙂

  3. Keep up the good work, and I see that WRMK paper, got some myself, lol, circa 2005. Check out my blog for similar organizing project photos if you want. xoxo

  4. Like the idea of pockets in the star book :). Good luck with finishing things off too. My own list of The Great Unfinished would take far too long to type!

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