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Sunday-someplace-else (Paper Phenomenon)

I’ve been a bit lax on my SSE posts, as the weekends have just been so busy the last few months, but I did want to share this one with you.  You probably recall how much I like paper bag books, having done a few alternative versions of the standard one myself, but this one is really clever!  I have an idea for making a version that will be more UK-friendly but need to get in to town to get a few bags, ones that are easy to get here, rather than use my stash of US bags from Target! Have a look – she has a 9-part series on this book, construction as well as decoration, and it’s well worth a look.

I like it a lot.  click the link to go to her blog as well as she has some fab stuff there.  Some stuff to buy (kits, tutorials, etc) and U-Stream classes so much to explore.  Check out the Easter Basket Exploding box!