A request from DS

Apparently, DS went to a birthday dinner with some mates a month or so back.  He came to me last minute for a card.  I had one I had made for a previous birthday that he took but never delivered, so I gave him that back.  The girl loved it.  Her boyfriend, unlike most teenage boys (or MEN for that matter) duly noted this fact and as they are approaching their 1st anniversary (awwww – how sweet) he asked DS if DS would ask me to make a card for him to give to her.

With crafty things I cannot seem to do things by half when I have the time – heck, even if I don’t have the time, I like to do a job well – and a 36 hour lead time was just too much for me to simply throw together some half-assed card, especially when the girl was so impressed with the last one.

This is what I ended up with:

This is the box – as I mentioned I used the CC box to to make it – basically I started with 11 inch square card, scored the G and F lines on two sides then rotated it and scored the E line. Then I lined up the E line with the G line marking and scored the F.  I still had the little bits to cut away but ended up with a quite thick box-olope.

I thought the closure was clever – it’s a stack of punched hears, to give it some weight, popped on foam squares.  The point of the flap just fits inside the foam squares (which are added like a V along the heart-point) to hold it closed.

Front of the card:

The swirls are the Marianne Creatables ones (love them) cut from glitter card – boy does it make a mess! I should have Diamond glazed over it, will do next time.

and inside:

The card is actually ivory although it looks a bit yellow here. And the pull-tab activated:

and angled:

I actually used, of all things, some QuicKutz alphas – I still really like that font, and as I was dealing with little scraps of paper it was the perfect solution.

Hope she likes it!