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I am still making much progress but it is a hard slog.  I am at the point where I am dealing with my “scraps” and sorting them for my scrap bin.  As I was working on this last night, it occurred to me that adding even more scraps to my bin is a bit pointless.  I do use them, honestly, even quite small scraps sometimes, and they are fab for cards.  But looking back thru that bin is a bit like an archeological dig – “and here we see a layout of the long extinct Mustard Moon paper line, with pockets of Beary Patch.  Near to the top we see a colourful layer of Junkitz, with a more substantial layer of Scenic Route…..” I feel like the splitting of my patterned paper into “kits,” collecting papers that go together into a single baggie, was a success, so I though rather than shove all my paper scraps into the bin, why not collect them up into card kits?

So I am working on that. And so far I think it is going to be good.  One thing I am trying is to use things that I have cut or punched as is – so, for example, if I have a half-circle of patterned paper leftover from some previous project, I would try to use that as a half circle on the card.  No further scraps! Die cut a Nestie bracket?  Use it as a bracket on the card.  Punched a lacy border?  Use it as is.

When I am sorting them, if a natural card layout springs to mind I draw a sketch on a scrap of paper and slip it into the bag. If I have a card blank that goes in too and if there is enough coordinating cardstock to make a card that will fit a standard envelope, that goes in.  I know I have been quite disparaging of the Crafters Companion box thingie in the past, but I actually used that to create quite a thick box-olope for a card I had to make for DS (well, for DS’s mate to give to his girlfriend – but more on that tomorrow) and although I have to get creative to make it the right thickness, and used not the rubbish scorer from the board but a bone folder, I can see that I might possible use it for making envelopes to fit non-standard cards – although I will test it out with my MS board and see how easy that is to use before I revise my judgement to a more positive one. I know there are 1000s of people who love this tool but I never have.

I think this is going to be good.  It remains to be seen if it actually WILL be good, but it’s worth a shot.