Thankfully WordPress doesn’t seem to have issues this week – YAY!  I am not done, although I had hoped to be, with my sort out (read back to read more) but I have made progress.  In fact, if I only showed you the photo of my paper and card:

or of my neatly sorted letter stickers, thickers, etc:

(and clearly the children’s blocks holding up the 1/2 shelf will get sorted into a more stable solution once I get around to it)

You would be tempted to think I WAS done.  But, in the interest of full disclosure I have to share the areas that you can’t see in those carefully framed photos:

that is just below the sticker book shelf, and here is my actual W:

Shocking, isn’t it?

I hope ther is something crafty on YOUR desk, because I wouldn’t wish this on anyone LOL!  And once I get all tidy I will seriously need some inspiration to mess it all up again so I’m counting on the talented ladies who hang with Julia to provide it!

Happy WOYWW!