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Cleaning the room

While I am loathe to add a post without a photo, I have been hard at it, cleaning my scrap room. This time, it wasn’t just the horrific mess of it that prompted me – although that would have been reason enough!

My MIL is a quilter. Years ago she had her fabric stored across from large windows and one day took a bit out to find that the sun had faded the fold facing the window. She then added long “curtains” over the shelves, which solved the problem. We spoke of this at length, so you think I would have remembered it. I was horrified to find that many of my darker cardstock sheets (which had been, you guessed it, stored in open shelves across from a window) were faded. Cue panic. So in a massive undertaking I have unloaded all my shelves of card and patterned paper and re-located it along the window wall. HUGE job. As long as I was going to do THAT there seemed little point to ignoring the rest of the mess so what was once a huge job became an almost insurmountable one.

Also noted at DDs parents evening a bin in the lobby asking for donations of your “crafty bits” to the school, so timely on that count.

The real problem is storage. While I admire enormously those people who have scrap rooms that look tidy and neat because stuff is all stored away in boxes and bins, all colour coordinated and neat, nothing annoys me more when I am trying to create then to have to open this box, then that box, then realize I forgot THAT box, that had the perfect whatever I needed. Unlovley, for sure, but I tend to have lots of stuff in open boxes, or stuff in clear things so I can see what hides within (I make great use of laundry pod tubs, £4 cheap drawer units etc) and try to group like things with like things and thus have a chance of remembering to check them all.

At this point I have all wall surfaces covered, have units under my desk (leaving just about enough room to carefully slide my knees in) and am at the limit of what I can add. I’ve gone UP as far as I can go (handy to be tall!) but I am not sure with the exception of one slightly difficult to access corner between some drawer units and a book case there is anywhere else to expand. As it is some of my least looked at books, my photo storage, and my completed albums are all OUTSIDE my room (only just but still….)

I am toying with the idea of selling off my Craft Robo Pro – not because I don’t love it, I do, but I am just not making use of it. It only works on a clunky old PC, not my Mac, is too big to fit in my room and takes up a lot of space just outside my room that could hold at least two 7 ft bookshelves! I do have a Cricut (which does work with my Mac and SCAL and which I can store than take out for a session with little hassle, so if I HAD to cut a title I could, although it is only a baby one, not the full size one) and while at some point I may regret giving it up the Robo, at the moment it makes the most sense. I’ll probably dither over it for a while.

My hope is to get myself as sorted as I can and do one of my semi-annual WOYWW that ISN’T an assault to the senses. It remains to be seen if that actually happens! I need a trip to Tiger for some more open bins before I can sort out some of the stuff in piles around the room, but am trapped at home awaiting a FedEx delivery for the next day or two. I also have a You Tube thingie in progress for the “kennedy book” from last week, three different ones, that I need to finish editing and do a PDF for, and photos to sort out so I can actually complete one of them at the upcoming crop. Add that to the usual UKS stuff and it makes for a pretty hellish week for me.

Sorry for the dead boring post, the missing out of SSE yesterday, and the warning that I may still miss out a day or two this week, but hopefully I will get back on track and get creating again. Just in time for the l o n g Easter break for the kids! With luck I can ignore the hints from DD for another doll……