Primark finds

People comment often that Primark offers a wealth of potential scrappy goodness.  I don’t often shop there but I did find the doll-skin cloth there (in the form of apricot-y coloured tee shirts, if you recall) so thought I might pop back and see what else there might be.

My haul was small, compared to some I’ve seen, and at least two bits made it on to yesterday’s slider book. First, the flower centre:

One flower from a bracelet made up of five or six the same. I am gaining a greater appreciation for my glue gun and no WAY simple glue dots would hold this bad boy in place.

Next, the closure:

It’s hard to see, but the closure is actually a bit of a charm necklace.  The part with the little clasp fits through the (what the heck are they called?  The circle with prongs?  No idea – they are eons old, 8 years at least, but the perfect size) thingie, but the larger loop at the other end doesn’t fit through.  Once you un-clasp the closure you can slip it out of the front cover and the pull tab and clasp it to itself so you don’t lose it.  Handy!

So you can see a gold charm bracelet, the rest of the silver necklace (with loads of charms left, all that can be used individually if I prefer – the silver one had 19 items on it, and the gold one 10), a little hair scrunchie flower ball thing that would work as a mini-book cover decoration as is or which you may be able to dis-assemble to get seven little roses (I wouldn’t), a silver bracelet of 6 metal roses, very flat, each centered with a small diamond gem (one missing as I coloured it with a Sharpie for another project), the rest of the flowers from the bracelet used in the cover flower above (and one more, again, altered so not shown) and perhaps my “best buy” from a bowl near the checkout, two sets of graduated-size pearl earings.  £1 each for 12 total, the biggest are flat at the back  but even the round ones would be fab for flower centers.  I think you could easily poke the earring stem through the flower then bend it flat and pop a glue dot over it to stick it, or snip off the post and just stick the pearl.  I also got a hairband of grey fabric flowers, to disassemble.

So all in all a good haul for under £15. The individual charms alone were worth the trip – hearts, butterflies, flowers, keys  leaves, a watch face…all useful, and working out to under 20p per charm.  And that doesn’t even include the bits of chain for closures LOL!

Happy shopping!