Slider book

Settle in – this could be a long one!

OK, I don’t think I an unique here, but as a crafter I often see something and become obsessed with it, especially something that is available to buy that I think I can make from scratch, but putting my own unique twist on it.

Case in point: I saw this 37 second video and loved the idea

Not really much info in there.  So I Googled KENNEDY book and got a lot of books about JFK and Ted. Adding Johnson, I got a lot about  JFK and Lyndon Johnson.  Stupid novice search mistakes and laziness, trying to put in as few search terms as I had to to get what I wanted back out. MARAH  and “kennedy book” and scrapbook worked well and I found the basic book, finally, as a pre-packaged product from Creative Imaginations Bare Elements line. Even less there.  I found maybe one or two samples in galleries but nothing else.

I watched that video about 20 times, thinking it was simple to re-create but convinced I must be missing something. Nope.  It’s dead easy – IF you make it with a cardstock cover and plain rectangular pages!

My twist was I wanted to have different shaped pages (still pushing the limits of the Grand Nesties) and include some coin envelopes, as well as plain pages.  So I did.

Sorry about the colour – the light was fading a bit when I took it.

It will eventually be called Handmade by Mom – I figure I spend so much time and effort making those darn dolls, I really should document them in some way LOL!  And when DD asked me to take a picture of her two newest, complete in their “school clothing” it gave me the idea.

You can see the little hanging chain of charms – that forms the closure, and more on that tomorrow, along with the little flower on the cover – this post is going to be too long already! The green bit will eventually say “PULL ME” (very Alice, that)

Note: that is canvas you see on the spine – I still need to add the inside piece but keep dithering between more canvas and maybe ribbon.

When you open it it looks like a normal mini, but if you watched the video (37 seconds! surely you have 37 seconds….) you know what will happen next:

The first half and now, the second half:

And the envelopes:

One thing I like, and there is no way to show it with still images, is that once the book is fully extended, as you flip the “pages”, they sort of shift to the left (or at leasy you can make them do so) so the right edge moves left, left, left with each turn, and the pages “collect” up so you can simply close the book when you get done viewing it.

A different view to give you a better idea.

It works pretty much as you would expect it to, with the pages attached first to the pleated accordion, then the pull attached to the last accordion flap and the first flap attached to the cover.  It was a little tricky as mine was quite heavy, so my covers are matboard and the attachment was a bit unorthodox, for strength.  I have to admit I dived in with no thought of making a video or a PDF so sorry about that. THIS is the state of my room at 5 pm yesterday – oh yes, WOYWW was only the barest glimpse of the horror – that was just the DESK.  The floor, satellite table and desk was so much worse in the end:

So there you go.  If I get the urge – and the stamina – I’ll do another one and photo it, but really, for $5 to buy one (not found it in the UK but I suspect Hobby Craft may have it as they do stock CI Bare Elements) I think I would do that if I really wanted another one.  Isn’t that the way?  I figured it out, made something pretty, and now am happy to settle for ease over style…