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I saw a video a while back for making a very pretty ornament using a particular Spellbinders die (one I don’t own) and always wanted to make it but keep forgetting to buy the die!  Every so often I get what I think is a brain wave and am convinced I can create something similar from stuff I do own, then I spend entirely too  much time trying to make it work before giving up in frustration and vowing to get that damn die the next time I see it…then I don’t.

Here is the video – I just think it is so pretty and clever:

Here is just a shot of the ornament:

While I am quite sure some combo of MS around the page punches would work (but I don’t own any) nothing that I do have comes close to recreating this.  One day, I’ll manage it, but that day is NOT today!

If you have the die, you might like these as Christmas ornaments but likewise I think they would be pretty for weddings, as decorations or perhaps as a pretty package topper.