Fast fluffy flowers using coffee filters

Regular readers will recall I have found a few uses for coffee filters – I love that they are strong when wet, but have a great texture.  I was playing around with some flowers and came up with these:


They are simply punched scallops, snipped and mica-misted then dried with your heat tool.  That is the step that makes them super easy and fast to make, because the heat makes the coffee filter paper contract and crinkle.  Once you stack them it is easy to just fluff up the “petals” a bit more and add a brad centre.

Of course I made a video for this, and you can see that here:

But that isn’t all!  Once I had loaded the video, many related videos came up.  One in particular I really like – ‘ a bit more labour-intensive, in that you have to do a bit of cutting then sewing on the filters but I like the flowers that you end up with.  They look very vintage to me.  Not sure if I have seen the brown filters here in the UK, but I never really looked for them so I can’t say for sure.

So there you go – mine are super fast and look fluffy and the others take a bit longer but look just like Primas.

I may have to have a play with the sewn version today if I get the time.