I have been having a good play with my Nesties.  What is on my W is a little minibook with envelopes I made using some silver lined paper (99p – a bargain) wrapped around a cardstock rectangle that I cut with one of the Grand Nesties.  By selecting a die that was just larger than the paper (or by cutting the paper to just narrower than the selected Nestie, as you prefer!) and cutting just to the first rather worrying CRACK that you hear I get a nice edge with the rest of the cardstock untouched.

I taped the Nestie to the base plate to hold it in position.

You can see the envelopes, decorated with bits and bobs from some Bisous Zoo paper, perhaps my most favourite paper line of all time.

Not sure yet what I will use it for, but I think it’s likely to be for DD – she is obsessed with black at the moment – jammies, clothes, she would dye her hair black if I let her!

My showing on WOYWW has been abysmal the last couple of weeks, I’ve even missed out on posting on one, so forgive me.  I am going to make a better effort today!