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Another crop layout

The second one I managed last weekend.  Now I really need to be thinking ahead to the Basingstoke crop THIS weekend…

The background colour on this is WAAAAY off.  It’s really more of a cream.  Just a bunch of stuff that has been kicking around unused for too long – and a personal triumph, I used a few rub-ons.  I have an absolute ton of them and have never used more than a handful in total.

Look at that head of hair!  She never lost it.  It just kept getting higher and higher, till she looked just like Eraserhead Henry, then one day it all got too heavy and it fell to her shoulders in a near perfect bob.  She won’t let me call her Maddie-moo anymore.  I still do, because it’s a hard habit to break (other nicknames include Pumpkin pie (sometimes shortened to just pumpkin), sweet pea, muffin…  I don’t remember them all.  They just come out automatically.)  My mate used to call her DD sausage – I never got that one, not sweet enough for a nickname.  You’ll see her now occasionally as a policewoman in EastEnders (the DD, not my mate!)