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iPad 2 – want!

OK, well I love my iPad and did from day one.  I use it every day and it is never far out of arms reach.  But the new one looks A-MA-ZING!

What are the differences?  Dual-core processor and a faster chip, two cameras, forward facing and back, the gyroscope from the iPhone 4.  It’s thinner and lighter with the same battery life and an integrated case (although there is still no acceptable solution in this case for using it portrait – I know DH uses his that way A LOT, but at least they don’t pretend to accommodate that like they did with the original case).  There is lots of photo stuff, lots of Garage Band stuff, and lots more apps.  Loving the sound of Air Play so you can stream stuff to a TV or your pad or your phone.

What really made me smile was the video in the middle of the keynote about iPads being use by autistic kids, giving them a voice.  DD has cerebral palsy and is delayed, with lots of language problems.  She loves her iPad and came to grips with it very quickly.  She uses it to watch YouTube, to download music from Spotify, to watch movies, she draws and searches the web.  I think GLEE Karaoke will be on her must-have list. She used it to find her doll-faces and eyes, and wishes only for a camera.    Well, they added that so who knows? In fact the unexpected uses for iPads, from medicine to education, are all fascinating.

I know the whole cult of Apple isn’t to everyone’s taste, but if you want to watch the keynote, and see the new features fully explained and demoed, click here.

Oh and I know at least one person who will want to know that iPad 2 will ship in WHITE right from the start!

I am also quite interested in IOS4 and the Safari improvements.  And nice to hear it will ship in the UK just a couple of weeks after the 11th March launch.

On a more crafty note I am still sorting stuff for Saturday as it is coming up way too quickly.  Hopefully stuff to share after the crop!