Sunday-someplace-else (weekly list download)

Hello all!  I’ve been a bit rubbish this week at blogging, partly due to the 1/2 term break and the kids demands (will it surprise you that I am attempting, once again, but this time un-aided by my sew-talented MIL, to prove I have the spirit of endeavor and improvement ?) but I did want to make sure to share this one.

TC Sheeley has a download on her blog for a weekly planner.  Like her, I always have lists laying around to remind me of things that I cannot forget.  I am forever finding them in coat pockets, in my purse, on the kitchen counter…. Anyway I love the look of this one, and think it could easily be turned into a mini-album just by adding photos to the daily spots and a bit of journaling


I am reminded of the book Life Among the Savages.  Shirley Jackson wrote this in the early 50s about life with her kids.  It is still one of the funniest things I have ever read – the father’s battle with a bat in the house, the musical beds and drink cups when the family is all sick with flu, and the author and her love of lists and where they take her are all classic moments.

My spirit of endeavor is flagging a bit today but I shall carry on….