Origami wallet

I was a total no-show yesterday as it was a Mom&Daughter day all day – we went to HMV to look for Anime movies, went to see the Justin Beiber movie (I know, I know – the things we do for our kids) and out to lunch, then hair cuts and home for girly movies. I understand from DD that yet another doll is in my future and the current one needs a school uniform!  OMG.  When, if ever, will “the last doll” sink in??

On a more crafty note, as it’s 1/2 term I am always looking for kid-appropriate things, even if it is just me making them.  I found this little tutorial for making an origami wallet and thought it was very cute, and would totally work as a little album for DD to hold a few photos of her and her particular buddy from school – we are hoping to meet up with her outside of school in a couple of weeks and I thought I might try to grab a couple of photos then.  I altered the original instructions a bit and here is my version:

I did a little PDF to document how mine differs from the original which I hope you can get by clicking here. I’ll add it to the sidebar as well. When you click you will see a new page.  Click the file name that us UNDERLINED (in this case wallet4photos) and the PDF should download.  Same with the sidebar link. Have fun – def. something the kids can do, especially if you use double sided paper.  Might also be a fun little party-project if you let them all make one then send the kiddies home with a few snaps from the party as a memento.