Layout 3 from the crop

This one uses quite an old photo of my now 18 YO son.  I don’t even know why I took this photo, I suspect because I wanted to make a silhouette, but it was so long ago, who knows? I adore the curve of his chubby little cheek!

I have had the monster doodads for a while, not ever finding a current photo they were appropriate for, and the letters are from a company now out of business, also kicking around my scrap room for too long, unused.  It all came together pretty well, I think.

I am stuck on my mini from yesterday.  Emily did a really cool technique where the photos sort of sit above the page, I think they might be folded in half, as they spanned the center line on every page, and I need to find a little bit more about that from her before I move on with it.  I have some more tidying to do, and am trying out a few techniques I have an idea will work, but that will have to wait for next week.  One more layout to share then I’ll have to sort out some stuff for the NEXT crops coming up.