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The problem with Crop Kits

So if you saw yesterday’s post you know I have been sorting crop kits for Saturday, trying to be a bit more organized and to focus on scrapbooking rather than little projects like mini books and cards. My piles of unscrapped photos are calling to me. But the problem with sorting crop kits is that once you make the sketch of what you want to do, sort through and select the supplies, organize the extras needed like ink pads, stamps you want to use, brads, eyelets, and tools, all the stuff is RIGHT THERE, on your desk, and it takes (at least fr me) enormous willpower to then stuff all of it in a bag and put it in my crop bag!

So of the four kits I created for Saturday, I just HAD to complete one layout. I and still totally in love with the letters, from one of the recent Scrapagogo kits, a printed digital hybrid. I love the font, I love the colour, I love the off center letter placement and the shape. I already used them on one layout, may use them on another planned one, and used them on this one. That is all from one kit element. Fab.


Other things to note – I have seen, for yonks, the “little bit of stuff in a corner” look and really liked it. I have meant to give it a go, but always seem to focus more on clusters at the corners of photos, or on or around the title. I made myself do it on this one, and you know, I really like it. I’ll do it again.

The funny thing about this one is that almost all of the bits are really “bits” – the bracket lined paper had been cut in half, and part used on another layout, and there was a chunk cut from the middle (one of the remaining bracket points), the little bracket has 3/4 of it cut off. The blue Nestie label I had cut for a previous project then never used it. The green flower trim had been trimmed off a shaped cardstock piece and most of it used but this little strip was left over. The butterfly was one of the few left on a sheet after I had cut and used the rest. The stamped flourish is cut from the same paper leftovers. The wood tag had a bit cut off at some pont, I think, but no idea why. It’s all bits and pieces of what you might call trash on another day, but I found all of it in the box of rubbish where I toss stuff after I make anything, waiting to be filed with my scraps, or binned.

Now if I can just maintain my willpower and not move on to make the other three, and find one photo to replace this one, to meet my aim of four kits for the crop, then I’ll be golden!