Well, after my extremely poor showing at Julia’s crop, she of WOYWW fame, where is taught a class, yes, but accomplished not one single completed project of my own. I felt I needed to address crop prep.  Because I was not well-prepared I spent my free time faffing about trying to get something to work, which didn’t, and partially completing something I don’t want to share because I KNOW DH reads this and I already shared what really should have been his Valentine’s Day card, so it wouldn’t do to share another one.  So as I am going to another crop this weekend (Basingstoke Crop, if you are in the area, organized by Emily of Make the Day Special) I thought I would organize some kits with photos that really need attention.  I have such a backlog!

We’ll see how many I actually complete!  I have one more lonely photo to make a kit for, which I will complete today, then it’s full steam ahead!

And if you only visit me on WOYWW day, you can check out the crop class video and get the PDF in the sidebar!  Be sure to look back a couple of days on Julia’s blog to see her version – it’s fab and uses those Fimo roses she showed off last week.

Have a happy and productive WOYWW all!