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Bi-fold frame

Regular readers might recall me mentioning a class I taught a couple of years ago at a crop, making a bi-fold frame out of foam core and cardstock.  I had a little trouble with the instructions (possibly an understatement, as I think I emailed the crop organizer the wrong PDF – this sort of thing is why I don’t teach very often! LOL!) but once we sorted that out the class projects the attendees made were all just lovely.  Anyway, it is still one of my most favourite projects so I told Julia (after a very pointed glance my way during a discussion at the last crop about classes) I would teach it this week.

I had already sent the two previous samples off as Christmas gifts (one to my in–laws, one to my mom and dad) so I had to make another one and I photographed the process so I could do another PDF with more exact and streamlined instructions.  I think it’s pretty clear this time, and I made great efforts to ensure it was correct.  But I do want to see how the crop ladies get on with them before I share it (see?  I do learn!)

Here is the sample I made – expect a PDF and a YouTube slide show doodah coming soon.

This one uses a couple of birds cut from a piece of Ciao Bella paper and a lot of little flowers from the wedding section of Hobby Craft.  I rather like it. The frame has a bit of a shadow box effect and, as you can see, can stand open nicely.  The thing I love about it is that it is endlessly adaptable to your own style! Here is a look back at the original – could they be more different?

Astute observers will note the use of Dan99s lovely little wonky house and fence.  I still love them a lot.