Slider card slide-show

Well, I made a lot of progress yesterday, but sacrificed my WOYWW visits to do it.  That is my single goal today (ok well I do still have two other things I want to accomplish, in addition to the usual UKS stuff,  and ignoring the state of my office/craft room, which is SHOCKING, but they aren’t critical) so I am off to go see as many desks as I can.

I did manage to finish the YouTube thingie for the slider card – I hope it is clear enough and it is slightly different to the PDF in that it focuses on a different card size.  My hope is that between them you can adapt the instructions to any card size.  Once you get how the basic slider works then it is totally adaptable.


On a completely unrelated note, I am so proud of my niece.  She is an amazing soccer (football) player, all-conference, all-state ranked, and my brother sent me a shot of a shout-out on the scoreboard for her.

You go girl!