Finally, a layout!

Had a lovely crop on Saturday with Julia from WOYWW and the gang.  What a lovely buzz it has, everyone creating madly, giggling about movies and kids, sharing supplies and tips….I only wish it were closer.  Poor DH – as we only have the one car that I can drive (automatic only license, I’m afraid) and it’s the same one that can fit more than 2, he needs it or is trapped at home with the kids with the creaky and slow internet, his 20 mb office connection tantalizingly out of reach.  Kindly, there is the offer of a lift from the station at Andover so next time it will be smiles all around, I think.

Anyway, I managed a little 8 x 8 flip book, constructed and decorated minimally for Maddie (all pink and girly) and a layout!  I KNOW!  Gasp – I did wonder if I would even manage to actually scrap LAYOUTS again. I don’t know what makes me think of them after other sorts of projects, because every time I do make one, I am so stupidly please with myself.

Here it is – ancient supplies, a real mix of oddball stuff, but I think it came together in the end. The side elements were a bit forced due to a large family group with pushchair draing the eye on the right of the photo, but I think I hid them well enough.

I am thinking I want to add a couple of rub-on letters, probably M & J, by the heart on the right, but after that I am calling it DONE!

It’s been ages since I’ve made a two-pager, so that has to be on the cards for next time!

Now, I saw a cute mini, a variation on a squash book, on a blog that I featured on the UKS Home Page BlogBits this week.  It seems to use the basic idea of the round squash book pages but stacked rather than overlapped (see the PDF right) and I want to experiment with it to see if my thinking is correct.  That should keep me a bit busy today.  I also have printed out the perpetual calendar from the Canon site from yesterday, but find I only have two blocks that are one size and three that are another but not 4 all the SAME size.  Not sure what I am going to do about that, but at least I can experiment with the stand structure, which I quite like.  I cleaned A LOT over the weekend while DS had band practice (my head is still throbbing from listening to the SAME SONG about 20 times as they perfected i and already did the grocery shopping for the week, so I feel well entitled to a crafty day!  Yippee!


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Sunday-someplace-else (perpetual calendar)

This year I thought I might make a perpetual calendar using blocks. I found a stash of them while tidying up and went on a hunt.  I’ve seen a lot of them, but this one from Canon Creative Park includes a nice little stand.  I figure I can print out the PDF and use it as a pattern to make my own in the colours I like, resizing if need be for the blocks I have rather than using the printed foldable blocks.

Watch this space!



I like a couple of the ones on that link so do browse around. The Love birds might be do-able even for me!




SDC card redo

Well, I kept looking and looking at the card from yesterday and in the end I think I don’t like the pink, and the bluish skin.  LOL!  I do that a lot.  Make something, then only once I look at the completed project do I decide what I need to do to make it better. Sometimes I do wish I would realize BEFORE it is complete, but I think I just need to SEE the whole thing done before I can decide.

So anyway, I did say I would share how I did it, but I am using the new, improved one, rather than the other one.

I stamped the big head with Memento ink in Tuxedo Black. I then stamp again on a Post-it note and cut out a mask (just INSIDE the edge of the stamped image, so I can avoid as much of the “halo effect”.

Once you cut out the mask, store it with your stamp – as you can see I;ve used mine quite a bit!

I use a stamp positioner to ensure the body is in the right spot.

I cut a mask of the body as well and with both bits masked, stamp the background over top.  I used the stamp positioner again, because I wanted the feet to be straight above the line at the bottom of the background stamp.

Then I grabbed my trusty plastic mesh and laid it over the image (with the mask in place again!)

That gives me a lovely grid pattern on the background.

I added the leters and coloured the image in shades of grey.  I like it MUCH better.

Just a couple of other things – first, the letters.  I really love how they turned out.  I took some letter stickers and dotted on the Copic ink. As the dots dry and new wet dots get placed over them, the ink sort of bleeds and spreads – it’s a bit like Alcohol ink when it gets tamped on.

I’ll def do that again!

OH!  and before I forget.  I’ve mentioned before that I am haunted by the idea that I had seen the big-heads on a little body someplace, and every so often I go searching to see if I can find where I originally saw it.  As I was doing that it came to me that the stamp involved was Moth Fab, so I added that to the search string.

And guess what?  I found the post I was looking for! As soon as I saw the header I KNEW it was the place.  and “head transplant” rang a huge bell.  So I wasn’t totally remembering it right, Kaz just switched two heads, Prom Queen’s head  on Moth Fab’s body, but it was the seed of the idea to use a BIG head instead.  PHEW.  Now I feel a whole lot better 🙂


WOYWW 12-1-2011

I almost didn’t bother with a WOYWW this week as I was so disorganized yesterday I didn’t have time to take a photo of my desk (which wouldn’t have mattered anyway as it was clear of all crafty goodness – I spent the day tidying up.)  This morning it’s back to a mess again as I am deep in the midst of the new Stampotique designers challenge.  It always spurs me on to trying some new or long forgotten technique.  This week is masks so I am revisiting masking stamps and my stamp positioner.  Here is a sneaky peek in progress:

The head comes first, then the alternative body, then the splotchy background.  That one is a new image from Smeared Ink, from Emily at Saturday’s crop.  Love it already!  I stupidly stamped off the edge of the page so now I am re-doing it.  Then the colouring and the “sentiment” and the final assembly.  I may finish it today, I may not.

I’ll be so far down the WOYWW list I doubt many will see it but hey ho…I’ll try to pop round later today and see what everyone else is up to.  Going to a crop with the lovely Julia on Saturday so I need some inspiration for a project.  I have a layout pack ready but even with the chatting I doubt that will keep me busy ALL day!

Just a quick addition!  I DID finish and here is the final card:

I’ll add the details tomorrow!

And I want to add the 2nd card, the one I like better:

And you can read about it in the post here.


SDC21 – finally!

Well it’s the last day and I am hoping to get this uploaded before the Mr Linky disappears! The SDC challenge this time was a long one, but the holidays got in the way so I am late coming to it and not done anything hugely complicated.

The card back is cut from a Nestie, off the fold (die cut) and the banner is a punch so it satisfies the requirements.  There is a bit of Cosmic Shimmer and a stamp I love.  Actually it would be totally appropriate for DH to give to ME, as it is just the sort of miscommunication we seem to have often – “You said what?  I thought you said….” LOL! I still love him, but as it is our 25th anniversary this year, if I get a bunch of carrots I suspect I might be slightly disappointed.

Anyway, here it is

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Nestabilities storage

I made progress on the mini from last week at the crop but not enough to share it yet. BUT I did find another use for those magnacards magnetic business card backs!

I didn’t see any point to creating some totally new storage item when the little folders the Nesties come in are perfectly reasonable, size-wise, and have the advantage of including the instructions! I just slapped on one of the cards to the folder and….

Some of them fit perfectly with one card, some required a little bit added to make sure they are secure:

The folders fit quite nicely inside an old laundry-pod tub.  Cheap and perfect. I imagine you could do the same with any thin magnetic sheets.

And now for something completely different!  This Photoshop tutorial rap had me in stitches – and surprisingly actually taught me a few things.  I would make sure your volume isn’t too high before you click PLAY:

Most of the language is censored but if you can get past the bits that aren’t you should get a good Monday giggle out of it.

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Sunday-someplace-else (Blog Backgrounds)

Lots of scrappers blog, and if you like dressing up your blog, you can find a very good tutorial for creating your own blog background on  It appears to be geared towards Blogger, with some info on WordPress right at the bottom, and uses Photoshop CS3 and has a link for The Gimp, a free-Photoshop alternative.

You will recognize the site as a great place for all those fonts that match scrapbooking supplies, so if you’ve never encountered the site before, take some time to browse around.  You’ll love it. Here’s a sample to whet your appetite:



Divider mini-album slideshow

Not had time to sort out a PDF yet, but this will get you going.  If you are accustomed to making minis it should be fairly straightforward.

I really struggled with iMovie – I seemed to get into a loop where it would NOT let me add a title overlay and text to a frame.  Usually, popping in to a different project then back to the one I am editing will sort it out but not this time.  I tried loads of times, going out of the project and back, but no joy.  Then I rebooted and still no joy.  I left it a couple of hours and came back and all of a sudden it let me shift the titles from a blank screen on to the photos.  Go figure.  Anyway, the point is that the last few frames, regarding covering the magnets, are a bit skimpy on info, but I think all you need is there.

I am looking forward to my crop tomorrow where I plan to finish this up.  I’ll share the completed version next week.

Now, off to tidy up my craft room. as it is a tip.  I have at least 3 GoGo kits that I haven’t even sorted thru to incorporate the goodies in to my stash.  And I need to take another look at the SDC challenge then is still running from before Christmas to see if I am inspired and can get something in before the deadline next week.  So that’s me busy for the day.



Divider card mini album

As any regular readers will know, I love making mini-albums and I love using supplies from Staples and I love using up stuff that ha been languishing in my stash.  This little gem ticks all those boxes!  Last year I made a desk calendar using similar dividers, in kraft brown.  These are buff, which I still like but less than the warmer brown ones.

I created pocket pages from three different orientations – tab left, tab middle and tab right (the left and right ones I just scored in the middle and sealed on the open side and the bottom, the tab middle one I folded the sides in to the middle and sealed.  I covered them with the patterned paper (all from the Whimsey stack from DCWV) and punched the thumb pull before sealing them closed.

The dividers are fairly substantial so the weight of the pages is good, more like chipboard pages.

I also have been considering closures – I had bought a stack of 50 magnetic business card backers, thinking I would use them (before the advent of clear stamps!)  to mount unmounted but cushioned rubber for use with my Magnastamp handles but never used them.  They have to be 15 years old at least. You can still find them at Amazon in the US, not so sure about the UK.  You can buy the completed business cards but the blanks to make your own are not so common.

Anyway, they are sticky on one side and magnetic on the other and very thin, and attach to each other even with decorative paper between! I cut one and created the closure.  I think a single sheet of thin PAPER, rather than thicker cardstock weight paper would have made a better choice, but live and learn.

As you can see I can hold it by the closure and the book does not open – the flap does slid forward a bit, but it’s minimal:

This is the base that I will be working on at the Basingstoke crop on Saturday – I have all the photos printed and am looking forward to getting crafty with it.

The glare hides the title a bit but it’s called “The Story Behind the BAD PHOTOS” and will be decorated on the pages, with journaling about the “bad photos” why they are bad, why I feel the need to make something from the, the stuff that no one would realize when I’m gone and they come across them and say “Rubbish photos – let’s bin ’em”

I may do a quick PDF or slideshow on the construction if I get the chance, to ease back in to documenting my projects, and will post if I do!

Now I have to tidy up the awful mess, hoover the scraps and punch debris, and collect up the rest of my supplies so I can hit the ground running on Saturday!



WOYWW – rosettes with a difference

Hello WOYWWers! It’s been too long since I have been able to have a lay at my desk, with the festive season, the surprising snowfall, and DDs ice show hell-week (which coincided with the snow week as well) but I have had a chance finally to do SOMETHING crafty , other than paper globes for ornament gifts – they work perfectly to hang around a bottle of wine as a little something extra.

Anyway, I have also been playing with more rosettes – where did I read that they will be BIG (in popularity, not size!) in 2011, with many scrapbook manufacturers selling them as pre-made embellishments?  Can’t recall.  But as you know I’ve been making them by hand with just a scoreboard and paper trimmer for a while now and see no reason to switch.  But if they will become ubiquitous, then I want mine to stand out so ..

I’ve made them before adding a little line of Stickles to the center valley fold between each peak, but I wanted something NOT bling for a change (and despite how hard it is to admit, bling is NOT always appropriate! LOL!) so I have been sewing, a bit.  I just went round the rosette with a bit of spare embroidery floss, from the middle along the valley, around the edge back into the middle and carried on till I had lined each valley.

This floss was Marlett, so a bit shimmery.  I like it almost better with the standard matt floss

And then I got really crazy and ironed on some thin fuseable interfacing to the back and made a fabric one!  Now this I really like.  I think it could make the basis for a cute lapel pin.

I added a YouTube video for the process yesterday and you can see it here

I am starved for inspiration so am very much looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing.  I suspect it will take a while because I would love to find the time to go back 3 weeks to see the ones I missed! I can already see I missed Julia’s new decor over at WOYWW Ground Zero,  The Stamping Ground – I thought i was in the wrong place for a minute!

No desk shot as I am working on another project and it is chaos. I’m not going to be the one you look to and say “At least my desk isn’t THAT bad!” this week