Not another one!


I wanted to do a slide show for the pop-up, but I wasn’t 100% happy with the photos I had taken for it so I figured the best thing to do was to do another card and be rigorous about photographing the steps clearly.  I figured I wasn’t going to get time to post anything else so I’d post the card and let the video follow (tomorrow? or am I being optimistic?  I still have that crop project to work on! Julia will smack me if I don’t stop dithering and bombarding her with emails about stuff I forgot) as soon as I can manage it.

No wires this time, so a bit easier for people, I hope!

Now, DD is home and calling for me so I must go “play!”

14 thoughts on “Not another one!

  1. Its superb……………….I want its video tutorial…………..would like to gift this one to my fiance on this valentine………………..pls provide me

  2. Ok, REALLY want to make this!

  3. Can you tell me where to find the pdf for this project?
    I am unable to find a link for it…

    Thank you! :o)

  4. Gosh, I just love this. You are seriously talented! I am relatively new to cardmaking, so have a lot to learn. But from searching the net over the last year on this, and generally speaking, the people in the UK create such more intricately beautiful cards than we here in the US do (it’s in my humble opinion, LOL so please don’t jump down my little throat fellow Americans 🙂 Just shows we need to crank it up to catch up in this area!!! Please keep sharing your creative ideas!!

    • Funnily enough I *AM* a fellow American, although I’ve live in the UK, on and off, fo the last 17-18 years 🙂 I have seen some fabulous work coming out of Europe, not just the UK. But having said that I’ve also seen some fab work by American designers as well 🙂 I guess it’s all down to where Google takes you LOL!

      Glad you like it.
      Mary Anne

  5. These are absolutely fantastic. I was sitting here almost with my mouth hanging open. Was really gorgeous.

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  7. That card is totally precious! Good show, too. xoxo

  8. That is gorgeous! I love it!!!

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