WOYWW – 26/1/2011

Working on a tricky card today – I must say it is going better than my experiments of yesterday! You can see my little Distress Ink tools, from my Sunday-someplace-else, made with dolls house signs (actually just little wooded rectangles, but that’s what they are sold as), Cut ‘n Dry foam, a bit of sticky backed Velcro and old chess pieces – so cheap compared to the “real thing” and they work perfectly) and lots of rubbish strewn about.¬† What the card is all about is all hidden inside but after the Shaped slider card from last week I am into things that move so experimenting with something else – we’ll see if it works, although with the day I had yesterday, I have my doubts…

Have a happy WOYWW and pop over to Julia‘s to see what everyone has on THEIR desk – it’s fun and neat desks give you something to aspire to and messy ones make you feel virtuous, so def. WIN/WIN.