Metal embossing templates

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Binkin’ ‘eck!  The day I have had!  I’ve been playing around with the little metal embossing templates that I unearthed in my stash and everything I tried with them failed – mostly because I have the wrong cardstock.  I wanted to try something that looked a bit like Letterpress – ie depressions (DEbossed rather than EMbossed) filled with colour.  But everything ran, bled or smeared.  Usually when I use my Copics, there is a stamped image so the black ink acts, I think, as a bit of a barrier.  I know I have successfully coloured in on the cardstock I was using in the past, but today, it was all just a huge mess.

Anyway, I found, in the end, that if I edged the debossed areas with gold gel pen it keeps the Copic ink from bleeding.  YAY!  It looks ok, but I am not sure I would wast too much more time on it, if I’m honest.

You can’t really see that it is debossed in the photo, but the light is fading and so is my patience! It actually looks quite pretty IRL.

In the end, I think I prefer the one that I coloured, still the debossed side, with Distress Inks:

But there you go.

I suspect they will end up on cards one day, if I don’t lose them LOL!

I have some other cards to make, so really must get on with that….

One thought on “Metal embossing templates

  1. Both look lovely. Yup, the old school embossing is frankly an acquired taste that most do not cotton to. Me, I like it fine. Kudos to you for using your stuff and making some pretties. xoxo


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