Sunday-someplace-else (Lollyrot)


As I mentioned earlier Stampotique has some new DT members.  I checked out a few of the new blog links and found a great and useful project on Lollyrot‘s blog. She does lovely work so well worth a browse around, don’t just stop at seeing this one!

Home made blending tools!

She has a YouTube vid for this which you can watch:


Of course I didn’t have all the “stuff” and what you can find in the UK is sometimes different to what you may find elsewhere, so I went my own way with it. I have a little bin full of bits of Cut&dry foam that I use for applying my Distress ink but there are a couple of problems with this – firstly, I tend to get quite inky, as they have no holder and secondly, I sometimes mix up what chunk is for what ink (disastrously mixing PIGMENT ink on to one of my DI pads – oh the horror!)

So I got some little dolls house signs and my last bit of Cut&Dry foam, some sticky-backed Velcro, an old chess set with some pieces missing, my trusty glue gun…


I still need to label them, but for less than £10 I got 16 tools!  The C&D foam can be removed and a new piece stuck on when it gets too shabby – why is it I always seem to have a lot of the SOFT side of the Velco and use the GRIP-y side less?  I suspect it is the iPad covers, which grip to the felt.  Anyway, I find the pawn shape quite easy to hold and they fit in my storage drawers alongside the ink pads so I call that a RESULT!


4 thoughts on “Sunday-someplace-else (Lollyrot)

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  2. OMG!! That is such a great idea! I’ve been wanting new blending tools but didn’t want to shell out the cash for them. Thanks so much for spreading the word!

  3. Hei thanks so much for sharing my tutorial on your blog.I had so much fun making them.I that you are happy with the final result and have fun!!!


  4. I had a go at this too and have been experimenting with different types of foam – yellow pan scrubbers work quite well

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