Sunday-someplace-else (Lollyrot)

As I mentioned earlier Stampotique has some new DT members.  I checked out a few of the new blog links and found a great and useful project on Lollyrot‘s blog. She does lovely work so well worth a browse around, don’t just stop at seeing this one!

Home made blending tools!

She has a YouTube vid for this which you can watch:


Of course I didn’t have all the “stuff” and what you can find in the UK is sometimes different to what you may find elsewhere, so I went my own way with it. I have a little bin full of bits of Cut&dry foam that I use for applying my Distress ink but there are a couple of problems with this – firstly, I tend to get quite inky, as they have no holder and secondly, I sometimes mix up what chunk is for what ink (disastrously mixing PIGMENT ink on to one of my DI pads – oh the horror!)

So I got some little dolls house signs and my last bit of Cut&Dry foam, some sticky-backed Velcro, an old chess set with some pieces missing, my trusty glue gun…


I still need to label them, but for less than £10 I got 16 tools!  The C&D foam can be removed and a new piece stuck on when it gets too shabby – why is it I always seem to have a lot of the SOFT side of the Velco and use the GRIP-y side less?  I suspect it is the iPad covers, which grip to the felt.  Anyway, I find the pawn shape quite easy to hold and they fit in my storage drawers alongside the ink pads so I call that a RESULT!