That calendar….


If you saw my Sunday-someplace-else post you know I planned n making a perpetual calendar based on the print-cut-&-fold one from the Canon site.  Well, I did it!

I did quite a lot different to it to make it sturdier and obviously to use scrapbooking paper and stash rather than the printable version, which was a bit flimsy.  I’ll be working on a tutorial for it and will post that as soon as I get it done, so if you are interested, stop back by.

The papers are from the Mariposa stash by DCWV (gorgeous) and it only took 4 sheets total and most of them were only about 1/2 of the 12×12 sheet so plenty economical.

Now maybe I won’t lose track of the date and (shockingly) the day of the week LOL!

The footprint is only about 7 inches across and maybe 3 or 4 wide so small enough to sit quietly on my desk and not get in the way – always a good thing when you are as chaotic as I am when creating!


4 thoughts on “That calendar….

  1. Looks great…however…you do realize whenever you post pictures of your desk, now EVERYONE will be looking to make sure you have the correct date on there! I would make one, except I know I would forget to actually change it everyday..ha..ha!

    • Yes, I know it’s the wrong date 🙂 I took the photo because I was making a You Tube slideshow and I wanted too show today’s date and a “changed” date – plus tomorrow is WOYWW so I wanted it to be THAT date. Silly sister!

  2. This is lovely … I lose track too … the time … the date … the day … you name it … if it’s trackable … I can lose it :0)

  3. ooo very nice 🙂

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