Finally, a layout!


Had a lovely crop on Saturday with Julia from WOYWW and the gang.  What a lovely buzz it has, everyone creating madly, giggling about movies and kids, sharing supplies and tips….I only wish it were closer.  Poor DH – as we only have the one car that I can drive (automatic only license, I’m afraid) and it’s the same one that can fit more than 2, he needs it or is trapped at home with the kids with the creaky and slow internet, his 20 mb office connection tantalizingly out of reach.  Kindly, there is the offer of a lift from the station at Andover so next time it will be smiles all around, I think.

Anyway, I managed a little 8 x 8 flip book, constructed and decorated minimally for Maddie (all pink and girly) and a layout!  I KNOW!  Gasp – I did wonder if I would even manage to actually scrap LAYOUTS again. I don’t know what makes me think of them after other sorts of projects, because every time I do make one, I am so stupidly please with myself.

Here it is – ancient supplies, a real mix of oddball stuff, but I think it came together in the end. The side elements were a bit forced due to a large family group with pushchair draing the eye on the right of the photo, but I think I hid them well enough.

I am thinking I want to add a couple of rub-on letters, probably M & J, by the heart on the right, but after that I am calling it DONE!

It’s been ages since I’ve made a two-pager, so that has to be on the cards for next time!

Now, I saw a cute mini, a variation on a squash book, on a blog that I featured on the UKS Home Page BlogBits this week.  It seems to use the basic idea of the round squash book pages but stacked rather than overlapped (see the PDF right) and I want to experiment with it to see if my thinking is correct.  That should keep me a bit busy today.  I also have printed out the perpetual calendar from the Canon site from yesterday, but find I only have two blocks that are one size and three that are another but not 4 all the SAME size.  Not sure what I am going to do about that, but at least I can experiment with the stand structure, which I quite like.  I cleaned A LOT over the weekend while DS had band practice (my head is still throbbing from listening to the SAME SONG about 20 times as they perfected i and already did the grocery shopping for the week, so I feel well entitled to a crafty day!  Yippee!


4 thoughts on “Finally, a layout!

  1. Hi Mary Ann, dropped by from Julia as I got curious about you. Your LO is great, super fun colors and lots of lovely details! Nice to have met you! Patsy from HeARTworks

  2. That’s why we have 2 automatics. One is decent and one is not, but at least I can drive both of them. Phil huffs and puffs whenever we change car, that it would be easier if I learned to drive manual, and I ignore him as I am quite happy with my automatic license 🙂

  3. Looks great – is the flip book posted anywhere? I want to see that one, too!

  4. Great to see your LOs again! Hiding the intruding family with some pretty embellishments is very clever!

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